We assist our customers to reach their goals quickly, economically and reliably…

Our concept is based on partnership with our clients. BOHLEN & DOYEN assures that the highest professional, technical and commercial standards are met in the following areas:

  • Canal and port construction - Pile Driving and Dredging
  • Coastal Protection - Revetment including Reinforcing
  • Submarine Cable Installation - Nearshore and Offshore
  • Pipeline construction - Culvert construction
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

The company structure of BOHLEN & DOYEN, located in Wiesmoor/East Frisia, combines the advantages of a medium-sized company (promptness, flexibility) with those of a diversified corporate group (wide and deep range of services). In future, we will further extend these advantages to increase our market success and to meet the continuously increasing quality requirements of our clients. All employees recognise and implement our company philosophy regarding a customer-oriented partnership.

BOHLEN & DOYEN Bauunternehmung GMBH
Hauptstraße 248
26639 Wiesmoor
Telefon 04944 - 30 1 0
Telefax 04944 - 30 1 388
E-mail: info@bohlen-doyen.com
Website: www.bohlen-doyen.com