Founded in 1912, Heinrich Hirdes GmbH today is one of the most important German companies in hydraulic engineering. The company with its headquarters in Hamburg and its branches in Bremen, Kiel and Rostock and the HEINRICH HIRDES Explosive Ordnance Disposal in Berlin dispose of a broad inventory of high-performance equipment for dredging and hydraulic engineering, enabling us to select the right tool for every job.

Skills and their extensive experiences of our highly qualified employees have made the HEINRICH HIRDES GmbH a first class address in the branch.

Our Activities:

  • Dredging
    Construction and maintenance of waterways and harbours, hydraulic filling
  • Hydraulic Engineering
    Dyke construction, strengthening of dunes, beach nourishment, construction of revetments, breakwaters, immersed tunnels, offshore structures
  • Harbour Construction
    Quays, jetties, bottom protection, land reclamation, vertical drainages
  • Decontamination and Environmental Engineering
    Mud reclaiming in waters, treatment of dredged material, environmentally compatible dredging methods
  • Clearing of Military Ordnance
    Sounding of ordnance and its disposal, remediation of environment

Bauhofstraße 8b
21079 Hamburg
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