Smals Dredging GmbH

We are specialized in dredging and wet earth moving. We have an extensive and well-equipped range of assets, including deep suction dredgers, cutter suction dredgers and bucket wheel dredgers. These dredgers can be disassembled and suction depths up to 50 meters are feasible. In addition, we have available various types of auxiliary equipment, including barge loading pontoon, screening pontoon, booster stations, a sand transport pump, a submersible dredge pump (DOP), tugs, floating pipelines and crane barges. If required, our equipment can also be hired.

  • Dredging for sand and gravel industry
  • Dredging in harbours
  • Dredging activities in reservoirs
  • Reclamation and reconstruction of areas
  • Environmental dredging
  • Stockpiles and roadconstructions

Smals Dredging GmbH
Kaller Strasse 2A
49846 Hoogstede
Telefon +49 59459954602