Van Oord Deutschland GmbH

Since 1968 BREWABA stands for works in the field of dredging and hydraulic engineering. BREWABA disposes of a large fleet of special dredgers and vessels in different dimensions for all kinds and any size of hydraulic engineering activities. Onshore, own equipment guarantees a flexible and short-term realization of projects. Motivated staff, commitment, expertise and state-of-the-art technologies will transfer our clients' problems to solutions.

Our activities:

  • Dredging
    Adjustment and maintenance of waterways, hydraulic filling, water injection dredging for harbour and waterway maintenance
  • Harbour Construction
    Stone works [embankment and bed protection], excavations
  • Coastal Protection
    Construction of dykes, revetments and groynes, beach nourishment
  • Inland Waterways
    Dredging, protection of beds and embankments, training dykes
  • Environmental Engineering
    Mud reclaiming in waters
  • Hydraulic Placement Structures
    Soil exchange, hydraulic filling, vertical drains, deep compaction
  • Road Construction
    Excavation of non-stable ground, hydraulic filling of sand-piles and dams

Van Oord Deutschland GmbH
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